This document covers changes to the system with various releases that are relevant to users of the system. This mainly covers changes to the functionality, features, and user interface. For release notes that are developer/admin focused, see the EMERSE Developer/Admin Release Notes.

Version 3.5 (2017-12-20)

  • Changed the name of "Quick Patients" to "Temporary Patient List" to make it more clear what it means

  • Changed name of "Patient Lists" to "Saved Patient Lists" to make it more clear what it means

  • Improved handling of unbalanced double quotation marks in the search terms

  • Renamed the "Search" button to better describe the function depending on the context (i.e., "Find Patient" when searching across all patients and "Highlight Documents" when searching across a patient list).

  • Added a new button "Highlight Documents" to the Patient Lists view (Temporary and Saved) to enable searching directly from that screen. This was especially important after moving a patient cohort identified from an All Patient Search ("Find Patients") to a Temporary Patient List, since users were previously confused about next steps for searching within the patients.

  • Various other minor user interface fixes (e.g., the Tag checkbox now stays in the right location when using Safari)

  • Improved navigation visibility by darkening buttons for selected options