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EMERSE was designed to be easy to use

We don't think it should take you very long to learn how to use EMERSE, and we don't have a lengthy manual for you to read.

Watch the videos

A great way to get started is to watch the training videos we created. Each video is just a few minutes long and demonstrates various aspects of the EMERSE system. We also have a slide show and recorded demonstration that was given online as part of a CTSA Tool Shop Demonstration.

Training videos     CTSA Tool Shop demo      CBIIT Speaker Series demo

Use the built-in help

We've incorporated a lot of help balloons into EMERSE. These help balloons point out important features within the program while you're using it.

Try out the Demonstration System

One of the best ways to learn EMERSE is to try out our Demonstration version of EMERSE.

Demonstration system