We want you to use EMERSE!

     We are making the EMERSE software available for academic (non-commercial) use at no cost.

For non-academic uses, EMERSE is available for a reasonable fee that to help cover the costs of ongoing development. Licensing is handled by an automated system operated by our office of technology transfer. Once we receive notice that the license has been signed, someone from the EMERSE team will be in contact with you to send you the code.

Academic (non-commercial) license     Non-academic (commercial) license

Technical Details

Below are several links that provide additional technical details about implementing EMERSE.

Questions and answers     FAQ      Technical manual

Additional Details

EMERSE includes a valuable resource containing thousands of synonyms, acronym abbreviations, and other terms that can aid in query expansion or other information retrieval and natural language processing tasks. This resource is also available once the license has been signed.


For More Information

Please contact David Hanauer at, or Drew Bennett at the University of Michigan TechTransfer Office.