Demonstration systems

We have two ways for you to try out EMERSE. The first is with our online demonstration system, which closely mirrors the production system running at the University of Michigan. We are not able to populate the demo system with real patient data, so we have included approximately 2,300 MedLine abstracts instead, as well as 100 demo patients to search through. This version should allow you to develop an understanding of what EMERSE can do.

We also provide a fully functional virtual machine (VM) with all components running. With this virtual machine you can look 'under the hood' to get a better sense of how the system was built. You can also load your own data for testing or for providing local demonstrations. Directions on how to obtain the VM and loading your own data can be found HERE.

For the online version, follow the steps outlined below.

For the virtual machine, follow this link:      Virtual Machine

Get started with the online version in four simple steps

1. Request a demo account

If you are interested in trying out EMERSE, please contact David Hanauer.


2. Watch the videos

The online videos provide a brief introduction to various features incorporated into EMERSE. Note that aspects of the user interface have changed since the videos were made, since we are continuously working on improvements to the system. We also have a slide show and recorded demonstration that was given online as part of a CTSA Tool Shop Demonstration.

Training videos     CTSA Tool Shop demo

3. Read the Quick Start Guide

The guide provides basic details to get you logged into the system and started with searching. For more information, click on the Learn menu button above.

Quick start guide

4. Login to the online demonstration version

Demonstration version login page