EMERSE utilizes the blazingly fast, open-source Solr search engine. This allows for iterative search refinements in real-time. In 2019 a test was conducted to compare the response time of EMERSE in identifying a cohort of patients (unique patient count) compared to the response time of querying the Epic Clarity database running on Oracle. Results are below.

Query Epic Clarity time EMERSE Solr time EMERSE "speed boost"
hyperten* 4.1 hrs 5 sec 2,900x
cavernous hemangioma 4.1 hrs 2 sec 7,320x
gray platelet syndrome 4.2 hrs 2 sec 7,470x
inferior lingular segment of the left upper lobe 4.9 hrs 9 sec 1,980x

* This was a wildcard search (the * represents a wildcard).

Note: A "proper" Clarity search has to concatenate rows for words/phrases split between database rows and would likely take longer than the estimates shown above.