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EMERSE has supported a wide variety of clinical and translational research initiatives, shown below:


The lists below contain publications and other works that have used EMERSE to support clinical and translational research. The lists do not include informatics-themed papers that reference EMERSE in the context of being an information retrieval system for clinical data.

* Papers and abstracts marked with an asterisk are part of multi-site collaborative studies, where EMERSE was used at a single site; data for the overall study came from multiple sites.


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Other research initiatives

EMERSE has also supported various centralized research registries, repositories, databases, PhD theses, and other initiatives.

  1. PhD Thesis: Tainayah Whitney Thomas. Mixed Method Approach To Examine Prediabetes Screening, Follow-Up Care & Guideline Implementation. 2019. (link)
  2. PhD Thesis: Pillai, Malvika. Computational Phenotyping And Drug Repurposing From Electronic Medical Records. 2022. (link)
  3. Honors Thesis: Gomez,Keven. Use of Machine-learning Software to Categorize Oncotype Dx Data. 2022. (link)
  4. PhD Thesis: "Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity of Older Adults", by Katelyn E. Webster, University of Michigan School of Nursing, 2021. (link)
  5. Patel, Khyati. Doctor of Nursing Practice Dissertation: "Quality Improvement Project to Enhance Onboarding of New Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) at a University based Outpatient Neurology Clinic" by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduate School. 2021. (link)
  6. PhD Thesis: Ernecoff, Natalie Christine. "Palliative Care for Patients with Serious Illness: Symptoms, Goals, and Spiritual Care in the Last Six Months of Lifes", 2019. (link)
  7. University of Michigan Diabetes Research Registry. (link)
  8. University of Michigan Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Model System (link)
  9. University of Michigan Oncology Clinical Trials Support Unit (O-CTSU) (link)
  10. Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium (link)
  11. University of Michigan Skin Cancer Clinical Database
  12. Michigan Endocrine Oncology Repository (link)
  13. PhD Thesis: Lazo de la Vega, Lorena. "Comprehensive Molecular Profiling of Cancer Progression and Rare Cancers", 2019. (link)
  14. Master's Thesis: Cassandra Coffman, "Using free-text searching and ICD-10 codes to identify prospective patients with drug-induced liver injury". 2016. (link)
  15. Long-Term Evaluation of the Biology, Outcomes of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy
  16. Research Database for Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, Other Cellular Therapies and Marrow Toxic Injuries
  17. CDC-supported Michigan Lupus Registry; Michigan Lupus Epidemiology and Surveillance (MILES) Program
  18. Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium (LCTC) Lupus Data Registry