The searching power of EMERSE has enabled researchers to study and publish on numerous kinds of large patient cohorts. Below is a table of quotes from peer-reviewed published studies using EMERSE that resulted in "the largest" of various cohorts. Other superlatives are also described below.

First Author Quote from Publication
Wood This is the largest case series of its kind in the malignant glomus tumor literature, to our knowledge.
Huppert This is the largest case series of patients with MBC [metastatic breast cancer] and pseudocirrhosis.
Triebwasser ... the largest case series of HCT patients undergoing broncho-alveolar lavage in the literature to date.
Rubalcava This is one of the largest case series evaluating children with VHL [Von Hippel–Lindau] undergoing surgery for bilateral PHEO, and the first to specifically address safety and outcomes in this rare patient population.
Al-Holou We evaluated the largest series of intracranial arachnoid cysts to date.
Lopyan To our knowledge, this is one of the largest series of peripheral bronchial atresia patients and it is the only series for which an independent blinded radiologic review was performed.
Kattapuram ...to our knowledge, it is the largest series of SL [sebaceous lesions] analyzed to date.
Khaled Nephrotic range proteinuria...in 17...patients... the largest cohort reported to date following allogeneic HCT.
Morhardt ...we report the largest cohort of patients with SCI [spinal cord injury] treated with ureteroscopy
Whitney ....the largest study in young adults with CP, which also includes a control group within the same age range.
Song ...the present analysis represents one of the largest study populations with known FLT3 mutational status who have undergone allogeneic HCT with the best available donor (related or unrelated)...
Srinivasan ...the largest study to examine the specific impact of percutaneous ureteral intervention in the management of urological complications.
Sabbagh The cohort [Horner syndrome] is one of the largest reported to date.
Gunchick Per our literature review, this is also the largest retrospective advanced BTC cohort in the literature with both OS and PFS data reported.
Powell This is the largest case series to date of patients with a clinical or molecular diagnosis of STAC3 disorder.
Warren To date, there has been no other large-scale study on PPE and sanitation guidelines regarding the minimization of the risk of COVID-19 infections among both patients and staff from a potentially aerosolizing procedure such as flexible direct laryngoscopy.
Straubhar To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest series to date that examines the importance of preinvasive disease at the margins and its clinical implications.
Bressler To our knowledge, this represents the largest series of subcutaneous LMS [leiomyosarcoma] thus far reported in the literature.
Maronian This is the largest multi-institutional series in the literature to date focused on evaluating the incidence of a HN [head and neck] cancer diagnosis after initial GP [globus pharyngeus] presentation.
Huppert This study represents one of the largest reported case series of pts with MBC [metastatic breast cancer] and LMD [leptomeningeal disease], including a more modern cohort.
Rager This study represents a large cohort seeking menstrual suppression with progestin-only pills, which makes the study design unique.
Schmidt "...our study provides the most comprehensive evidence, to date, that DM is an important independent marker for amputation risk.
Cole "To date, this is the largest reported series of TEC [Toxic Erythema of Chemotherapy], a difficult diagnosis given the heterogeneity of clinical presentations and histologic overlap with GVHD and other drug eruptions.
Holste Our report describes the successful technical advantages of using Stealth navigation for subcranial Le Fort III osteotomies and presents, to our knowledge, the largest case series of patients with long-term follow-up.
Lopez-Medina To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest study that investigated the association of candidate genetic variants with the risk of diLQTS.