Virtual Machine  

Online Demonstration


EMERSE is available as a virtual machine (VM). We are providing this VM so that you can try out the system, take a look "under the hood", or even load your own data. The VM is not intended for full-scale institutional, production use, but is provided to help users and IT administrators get more acquainted with the system. The VM (about an 8 GB file) is currently being distributed via a link that we provide, so please contact us for the download link.


There are 4 simple steps to get started with the EMERSE VM (see overview figure below), and for those wishing to learn more about importing your own data into the VM we are providing some example datasets (using PubMed abstracts in place of clinical documents), as well as instructions for preparing and loading the data. Instructions for using the VM can be found in our documentation.


Blank dataset template

0 patients
0 documents


Small dataset template

10 patients
699 documents


Large dataset template

1750 patients
125859 documents