The documentation and guides below cover EMERSE version 6.5. For older guides, please refer to our Documentation Archive.

User Documentation



EMERSE User Guide

This guide contains details about using the EMERSE system for typical users. For additional help on using EMERSE, please watch the Instructional Videos.

EMERSE User Release Notes

These notes cover changes to the system with various releases that are relevant to users of the system. This mainly covers changes to the functionality, features, and user interface.

Developer/Admin Documentation

The developer/admin documentation is divided into several guides that cover various aspects of installing and configuring EMERSE, as well as specifics about data integration and indexing.

Throughout this documentation there are scattered references to master and slave with respect to the patient index. While we recognize that the terms are inappropriate, they remain embedded within the open source Apache Solr project on which EMERSE relies. To be consistent with naming conventions across EMERSE (which we control) and Solr (which we do not control) we are keeping these terms in our code/documentation for now. We hope to use neutral names for these concepts once the Solr project renames them.



EMERSE Pre-implementation Checklist

This guide is meant to serve as a brief checklist highlighting the major issues that will require consideration before implementing EMERSE. Additional details about these topics can be found in the accompanying technical guides. Any system that contains protected health information (PHI) and integration with a local IT environment will take careful planning. This checklist should help with that initial planning/scoping.

EMERSE Architecture Guide

This guide contains an overview of the components required for EMERSE to run properly.

EMERSE Installation Guide

This guide provides a general overview of the components needed to run EMERSE, how to install them, and verify that they are running. The guide covers step-by-step directions on how to install everything on a virtual machine, so these directions should be used as a high-level guide if EMERSE will be installed in a different type of environment.

EMERSE Data Guide

This guide covers additional issues surrounding initial setup of the system, specifically as it relates to customization of data sources for importing into EMERSE.

EMERSE Integration and Indexing Guide

This guide provides information on integrating external data into the EMERSE application, as well as basics about the indexing process.

EMERSE Configuration and Optimization Guide

This guide describes modifications that can be made that impact the behavior of EMERSE, tuning of the JVM associated with the EMERSE application and Solr, and some security hardening procedures.

EMERSE Administrator Guide

This guide covers topics relevant to EMERSE system administrators.

EMERSE Networking Guide

This guide covers topics about the EMERSE Network.

EMERSE Reporting and Auditing Guide

This guide covers issue related to tracking EMERSE usage.

EMERSE Additional Operational Considerations Guide

This guide contains additional considerations that one might want to address regarding the ongoing operation of EMERSE. A few considerations regarding deployment are covered as well.

EMERSE Troubleshooting Guide

This guide is meant to provide additional information about troubleshooting various problems that an admin/developer may run into. Additionally it provides guidance on other issues that may be helpful when operating the system if certain problems arise.

EMERSE Upgrading Guide

This guide provides directions on how to upgrade an older version of EMERSE to a newer version.

EMERSE Developer/Admin Release Notes

This guide covers changes to the system with various releases that are relevant to developers and system administrators.

EMERSE Known Issues and Bugs

This guide covers known issues and bugs with the EMERSE system.